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How To Podcast The Show (If You Don’t Have An Apple Product)

So if you have listened to either Booze & Letters or now Spankwagon over the last several months, you’ll know that you can easily download and listen to the shows via iTunes Podcasts … But what about us Android users, those of us who cannot afford $1,000 devices but instead probably have a $100 device brought from Wal-Mart.  Well fear not, as I have an app for you that will let you listen to your favourite podcasts … as well as Spankwagon Radio.

Podcast Addict

So, as you can see from the image above the app is called Podcast Addict, which can be found in the Google Play Store.  As always there is a free version and a paid version (which removes the ads), although if like me and you’re not into paying for ad removal, a quick Google search will let you find a copy of the “paid” version (Note, I am not advocating piracy with this, I am just stating an obvious fact – Andy).

When you have downloaded and installed the application to your device, when you start it up, you will get this getting started screen.

Podcast Article Screenshot

It’s simply a matter of following what it says on the screen to get started which in this case is by pressing the + button, then on the following screen pressing the top button marked “Search Engine”.

Podcast Article Screenshot

From there, it’s a matter of searching for the show that you want to listen to, making sure you leave the option checked for “Use iTunes Search Engine” to help you better help you look for the podcast that you want.

Podcast Article Screenshot

In this case, it’s Spankwagon Radio.

Podcast Article Screenshot

From here it’s just a matter of selecting the Podcast, and it should be added to your player with a list of shows ready for you to download and listen to.

Podcast Article Screenshot

And that’s pretty much it.  You don’t have to worry about RSS feeds or any of that nonsense.  It’s a simple case of searching for what you want to listen to, add it and off you go with your entertainment.

(Please note, were are not getting any payment of any such for reviewing this Android app, I am doing this simply because it hasn’t been done before now and who knows, maybe Mark will end up with 45 listeners … Trust me, if we were getting anything out of this, the article would be a great deal more informed.)



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