It’s A Little Cold Here ….

So, not many of you may be aware of the weather we are having over here in the UK at the moment.  This week we were hit with what meteorologists called “The Beast from the East”, now officially named Storm Emma.  It brought a freezing temperatures and snow which has completely covered the United Kingdom.


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How To Podcast The Show (If You Don’t Have An Apple Product)

So if you have listened to either Booze & Letters or now Spankwagon over the last several months, you’ll know that you can easily download and listen to the shows via iTunes Podcasts … But what about us Android users, those of us who cannot afford $1,000 devices but instead probably have a $100 device brought from Wal-Mart.  Well fear not, as I have an app for you that will let you listen to your favourite podcasts … as well as Spankwagon Radio.

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