Honestly, We’re Working Here!

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I know, I know, no show has been posted in what feels like forever. Rest assured we are working on getting, NOT ONE, NOT TWO, er, actually yeah, two … two shows are in the can and are going to be posted sometime in the near future. So, yeah.

Um, Andy, you got anything to post? Just asking for a friend.

SWR 008: I’ll Have a Number 3

UnknownUpdate: Okay for those keeping score at home, the curse hit again. This time my audio track was so out of whack that it offset the timing of the whole damn show. In every direction. So, instead download this short that we put together talking about our upcoming GOAT show.

This week we moved back to Zencaster and put the Live Show on hold! Thus we have moved back to formula podcasting greatness. Spankwagon is the only show your can order by number! Kidding Aside we discussed the Oscars and how Decaf is our very own Stugotz. Oh, and I had a breakdown — again.


SWR 006: The SportsWagon GasBag Show

SWR0006Holy Cow What a Show! This week we talk sports, and sports, and that thing called the Olympics. We discuss Murphy’s frustration with the lack of love for his Fantasy Baseball season. Then, we decide to discuss the contents of the dreaded C-Block. Which, as I write this realize that this is Murphy C-Blocking the fun that is this show. Yep, that’s it. Murph is C-Blocking the fun. Way-To-Go-Murph.